Regional TAG administration?

on Jan 9, 2022 at 2:58 AM

Regional TAG administration?

From: Dr. Margaret DeLacy

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We have a state TAG mandate but no dedicated funding. We also have a very large state with many very small rural districts that don't identify any students. I discussed this with a legislator this morning and suggested that one approach might be to direct funding to a set of regional programs run by Education Service Districts. We already have a regional autism program so there's a structure in place. Grouping small districts into regions would make it possible for each region to have a TAG position and hire someone who could support our smaller districts with training, help in identification, and advice on curriculum and materials.

The legislator said it sounded like a promising approach and asked me to find out whether any other states are using this sort of model and, if so, how it is working?

Can some of you help us out? Does your state have anything similar?

Thank you!


Margaret DeLacy
Oregon Assocaition for Talented and Gifted
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